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Petrified of Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim?

It is perfectly okay to be afraid of pursuing a personal injury claim. You could flee before it like a spider would a Basilisk and assume that someone else is going to save you – but really, help can only be found when you ask for it.

Why are some people afraid of pursuing a personal injury claim? Some people don’t want to have to deal with the tedious ordeal of the legal process that can look intimidating from the first glance. But the thing about personal injury cases is that these are the kinds of injuries that you cannot just wait out and wish away.

On the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, it can be determined that though the different cases concerning a personal injury claim may be different, the consequences can be similar in terms of the things that survivors suffer through such as the medical expenses as well as the lost wages due to the recovery period required after the injury. If the person injured was also the main source of income of the family, so many other people could be affected by one act of negligence.

What does negligence have to do with anything? The website of the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter points out that personal injury cases are ones that deal with situations wherein one party is injured due to the negligence (be it willfully or unintentionally harmful) of another party. The injury suffered could be physical, emotional, mental, or any such concoction of all three. Can you imagine having to suffer these consequences and have to pay for them as well (both literally and figuratively) when the incident that caused them wasn’t even your fault?

Though the prospect of filing a personal injury lawsuit can be frightening, you are warranted justice as well as compensation for the horrible wrong that has been done onto you.

Am I Experiencing Insurance Bad Faith?

It is one of the expenses of adulthood that most people tend to just overlook: insurance. When you’re a kid, you think that if something bad ever happened to you, your parents or guardians would be able to find a way to fix it because you don’t know any better – you’re a child. Things aren’t quite as easy as all that once you get older and things like insurance need to be taken into consideration.

When you do, however, acquire an insurance policy that works for you, then you may be able to rest easy and go about your daily life with the secure knowledge that in the event of the worst case scenario, you have an insurance policy that backs you up and can take care of you in the ways that your parents or guardians used to be able to do before. However, not every insurance provider acts responsibly and gives cause for there to be claims of insurance bad faith.

According to the website of Smith Kendall, PLLC, insurers need to be held accountable for the trust that has been given to them by their policyholders. Should they fail to do this, they should then be accountable for their negligence and the consequences that their negligence has caused.

For example, an insurer requiring too much tedious documentation when it isn’t even required by the policy is a matter of insurance bad faith. If an insurer were to advise the policyholder to not consult or seek the aid of a lawyer, that can also be a matter of insurance bad faith. There are numerous potential instances of insurance bad faith due to the nature of insurance and how it works.

If you have any questions about your policy, make sure that you ask about it and demand a satisfactory answer, which is your right as a policyholder.