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Luke J Harmon

Publications by year (note that these are publications in TreeTapper's database, not necessarily an exhaustive list)

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Name URL Total references Methods Programs Coauthored references
Jonathan B Losos46004
J J Kolbe6002
L J Revell3002
Allan Larson9002
R E Glor7012
J A Schulte2001
Kirsten E Nicholson2001
T J Gibson3001
K H Kozak3001
D F Sax2001
R M Bonett1001
J M Cheverud2001
A L Hughes2001
R B Langerhans1001
W Challenger1011
C D Brock2011
M Vellend1001
J Lockwood3001
Jason T Weir5011
M M Mayfield2001
J P Wares2001